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 Dworsky Law Firm has over 25 years of experience helping immigrants and their families come to the United States, gain permanent status and eventually—if they so desire—to become full U.S. citizens. Whether the need is a college intern coming for a summer work program, a person trying to bring over a spouse or family member, or someone seeking to get their green card, our U.S. immigration lawyers are here, working out of our Northfield office, and ready to help. 

Call Dworsky Law Firm today at (847) 545-0562 or contact us online. Free consultations and payment plans are available. 

Legal Services

Our experienced team is on hand and ready to assist with any of the following…

Family Based Petitions

The family unit has long been central to immigration policy in the United States, and nearly two-thirds of newcomers to the U.S. do so based on family connections. These connections can range from an engagement to marriage to an immediate familial relationship. There are also possibilities for bringing in an extended family member, although there are more restrictions here. 

Our U.S. immigration attorneys can advise on the best path forward for each specific situation. We can also work with clients in filing the affidavit of support that will be required for these petitions

Employment Based Visas

The United States economy has a large number of companies with branches around the world. Sometimes those firms want to transfer an employee to a U.S. location. That requires immigration approval. We do further work with people who have specialized knowledge, either of a specific company or in a profession, and may be approved for immigration on that basis. Further applications can be done for religious workers, interns and those who can fill needs in the U.S. domestic labor force. 

Our lawyers work diligently on the paperwork, and we also offer a streamlined billing process that prevents companies from getting invoices from multiple global locations or needing to maintain attorneys throughout the world. Whatever the need is, we can be a one-stop shop for immigration legal services. 

Green Cards

Getting a green card means that one has permanent, lawful residence in the United States. It’s one step short of full citizenship and it means stability for an immigrant, their family and all that rely on them. The green card application process has more than its share of paperwork and like other applications, will require applicants to go before immigration officials in a personal interview. 

We’re right there with our clients every step of the way. We give them the peace of mind that comes from knowing their U.S. immigration lawyer is on top of all the small details that immigration applications consist of. We help clients prepare for their interview and we sit in on that interview with them, working to ensure that their information is presented in the best possible way. 

Other Immigration Matters

We can help with numerous other immigration-related matters. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do to represent you.

We’ve Been There Too

Dworsky Law Firm understands immigration law for reasons that go beyond our extensive experience in the field. Our founding partner, Attorney Ashley D. Dworsky, is an immigrant, and went through this process himself. So did several of our lawyers and staffers. We know what applicants, their families and their employers are going through, because so many of us have gone through it ourselves. You can count on us for sharp knowledge of immigration law. And you can count on us for soft compassion as we make this journey together. 

Call Dworsky Law Firm today at (847) 545-0562 or contact us online and let’s set up a free consultation.


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